How to Become a Sports Facilities Manager

How to Become a Sports Facilities Manager »

A degree in Sports Management is a versatile tool for students who want to work in the sports industry. Managing a sports facility is one of the popular careers pursued by sports management graduates. A job as a sports facility manager is the perfect job for any sports fan.

How to Become a Professional Sports Scout

How to Become a Professional Sports Scout »

Imagine a life where you get paid to watch your favorite sport for free, get great seats, and get access to players who have the chance to become one of the top names in sports. This is the life you’ll have as a professional scout.

How Do I Become a Sport Agent?

How Do I Become a Sport Agent? »

For an exciting career in sports management, individuals must receive a certain level of education. Fortunately, there are many programs available on-line that make studying easier on working students.

How to Become a Sports Trainer

How to Become a Sports Trainer »

A sports trainer is a great career option for someone who loves fitness and loves to teach others everything they know about fitness. Sports trainers have the ability to help others by showing them what they need to know in particular sports.

25 Best Online Masters in Sports Management

25 Best Online Masters in Sports Management

For many people, sports is not just a pastime but a passion. Whether it’s football, basketball, baseball, hockey or another sport that captivates you, the idea of working for your favorite team one day may seem like nothing more than a fantasy. However, many colleges today are offering online degrees in Sports Management for those who love sports and want to follow their dreams.

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The Best Entry Level Sports Management Jobs

Young sports fans often see their favorite sports team, and possibly their coach, GM, or representatives and think, “I’d love to work with that team.” Whether that team is a basketball team like the Los Angeles Lakers or a football team like the Seattle Seahawks, Sports Management is a discipline and passion that individuals usually feel a calling towards from a young age.

Unfortunately, getting into the industry can be difficult. However, despite the often unavoidable obstacles that can prevent one from even getting their foot in the door, a good approach to getting noticed for a bigger and more influential sports management position is taking an entry level position.

After all, everyone has to start at the bottom to get to the top. This article will discuss some of the entry level options for a fresh college graduate or college student in the sports management industry.

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